Spiral Stairs – The dancers

Prop Spiral
Prop Spiral Stairs -Timber 2450mm diameter with S/s Central Stringer
Spiral Stairs – Mild Steel and Timber – top view
Spiral Stairs -Mild Steel and Timber
Spiral Stairs -Mild Steel and Timber – bottom view.

Spiral Stairs-

Spiral stairs are moving, they always make me think of  rhythm 

Spiralling down
Spiralling down & up!

This Stair is by far the one with the most flair and following on the heels of the floating stairs, probably one of the most popular and widely used stairs. It’s beautiful, sweeping curves and movement make it a real eye catcher.It van also be a space saver but with ultimate beauty comes a price and you may find it difficult to move bulky items up and down the stair.

 There are two main types of spiral stairs –

  1. Tubular spiral stairs- where blades and gussets support the treads.
  2. The prop Spiral, here the tread protrudes through the tread and the whole staircase is made up of riser height cut sections. Usually made with stainless steel tube with internal spacing materials. This staircase has a hidden central section which ties the whole staircase together.
Prop Spiral with SlideProp spiral stairs with adjacent timber slide

           The Prop spirals I have seen were all done by us –

          Finishes are generally:

  • Mild steel or stainless steel round tube.
  • Mild steel or stainless steel tread blades and gussets.
  • Mild steel or stainless steel spacer components.
  • Timber treads – hardwood timbers like Teak, Rhodesian Teak and Rose wood are often used.
  • No Meranti please. Meranti is a good and stable timber for door frames and windows, but too soft for treads.

The price range on these  types of stairs are from R50 000-00 to about R140 000-00, depending on diameter and finishes.

Class Prop Spiral
Glass prop spiral staircase 3D view.

We have done:-

 Timber, and glass prop spirals,

Tread plate industrial looking spirals.

Light, dancing spirals with mild steel and stainless steel stringers and timber treads.




Prop Spiral Stairs top view
Glass prop spiral staircase top view.


I would like to warn prospective clients that should this stair be the only staircase in your home you will have to ensure that furniture and other big items can be lifted over a balcony or balustrade. no double bench or bed can be carried up these stairs.