Helix Stair – A design marvel

Helix Stair with timber treads
Helix stair – Combination staircase

Helix Stair –

A Helix stair is a bespoke stair and with it’s winding shape, may it be big or small, captivate the soul, like a small flowing river  flowing to the heavens.

Glass Helix Stair
Helix glass stair

Helix stairs generally have a handrail on both sides with an even tread. The treads are almost uniform if the radius stays the same.

Stringers are usually singular flowing down the centre of the staircase.

Helicoidally curved plates on either side can also make up the stringers. 

Please note that this staircase is a space grabber and has to be planned into the design of a building and not an aftermath. They take up a considerable amount of space as the going on the outer side is usually much more than that of a straight or L or U shaped stair.

They are costly to manufacture and take a lot of skill and time to perfect.

Timber and stainless steel Helix Staircase

Materials often used for finishes are: stainless steel, glass, timber & mild steel.

Stringers can be a side stinger manufactured box with the treads floating on custom made components.

It can be rolled pipe/tube or plate which adds the focal piece of a helicoidally  winding  stair. 

If you have the money and the space then this can be “The” feature of your dwelling!

Big Dragon Helix Staircase

The Glass Helix Stair is our newest development and is sure to turn heads:

  • Lighting in the form of Led RGB remote controlled led lights available-
  • Customised spacer components-
  • Customised handrail holders-
  • Glass or Stainless steel Balustrade-
  • Because of complexities associated with the Helix stair the price – depending on tread size, balustrade material and the final finishing – can be anything between R120, 000-00 – R320, 000-00

Floating timber balustrade on side stringer helix

  • A great deal of time is invested in the planning, cost and development of these stairs with the result that they are truly gems of the heavens.





  • The side beam/stringer floating staircase has only been done once. It is one of those bespoke stairs that really defy gravity and have everyone on site talking.
  • It is design elements like these that sets us apart

Side Stringer – floating helix staircase