Floating Stairs – Lightness achieved






Floating Stairs are so true to their name.

They’re like creepers going up the wall.

Supported by the wall on the one side and spacer components on the other side they are ideal for space saving, cost effectiveness and light.




Floating stairs -U shape

        Floating stairs design options:

  1. Timber floating stairs = Straight, L & U Shape
  2. Pan floating stair – Pans that can be filled with concrete and finished with various materials, The balustrade forms the structural Stringer on the outside of these Stairs.
  3. Tubular floating stair = Where we don’t have the luxury of a supportive wall all the way, we can sometimes make use of this staircase to complete the Stair.

This staircase can also be combined with the single and double stringer stairs if need be.

Floating Pan Staircase
Pan floating staircase
Timber Tubular Floating Stair
Timber tubular floating stair










Floating glass Stair with lights
Floating glass stair with lights