Double stringer stair

Double Stringer Stair-

Zig Zag Double Stringer Melrose Arch
Double stringer stair – Zig zag profile – Melrose Arch with rectangular balustrade and square top rail.

The Double Stringer Stair is extremely sturdy and versatile.

C Channels, tubes, flat bar and laser cut plates can be used as stringer materials.

On the balustrade front it can be tubular, laser cut, stainless steel cables or glass.

This unique staircase is a favourite. Its double stringer profile creates a light look and  a feel of openness with a rock solid walk.

The question sometimes arises on when one should rather consider a Single stringer stair as opposed to the Double stringer.

This for us is mostly dependant on the clients preference, although we prefer using these stairs where we do not have enough support from surrounding structures such as walls, pillars or beams. The price difference between the two types are insignificant. The design element of the supporting blades can however make  a significant difference between the single and double stringer stairs.

The double stringer, however makes up for this with its open look and diversity on stringer options.

Double stringer stair - tubular with blade design balustrade
Double Stinger Tubular Stair with laser cut balustrade and timber treads,