Cantilevered Stairs – Simplicity achieved

Cantilever internal structure
Cantilever internal structure

A cantilevered stairs, are stairs which have no supportive structural elements connecting the treads to each other. In other words it only has support on the one side.

Don’t get confused with a floating staircase which has supports in some or other form on the open side.


Cantilever internal structure
U shaped cantilevered stair – Internal structure
Cantilevered Stair Cladded with Stone. Glass balustrade
Cantilevered stair cladded with stone. Glass balustrade


Cantilevered Stairs can be done in four ways:

1) Concrete cage system built into a double wall system, or cast into a three wall system. The stair with a three wall system can be cast into the wall.

2) Support plate on both sides of a double wall with core drilled and epoxied substructure for the treads. Can be filled with concrete and cladded with stone as in sample picture.

3) Support plate on one side of a three brick wall with rods going through the wall and plates/washers on the other side.

4) A Plate, with cold joined tread box sections can be filled with concrete, or cladded with timber, on one side with supportive rods through and into the wall. Three brick wall. If two brick wall then plates on either side are needed.

It is important to have a structural engineer involved from conceptualization of a Cantilevered staircase, as treads might now be connected and have to be 100% structurally sound.

  • Cantilevered staircase finishes are usually timber boxes with a glass balustrade side mounted with cladding options of stone, tiles and/or stainless steel.

Raw Cantilever
Cantilevered stair to be clad with stainless steel





Timber and glass cantilever staircase
Cantilever stairs