Stairs, history and about us:

Our story starts in 2001.

Times were good and balustrades and stairs were just beginning to take off as the Era of estates started to explode. 

Thus far, we have pushed the bar by having been involved in all aspects of the development, manufacture and installation of stirs and still our dreams for the future are bigger and better.

From past experience we have come to realise that most clients do not really know what is available or what they really want.

Together, with your dreams and our passion, experience and know how we will take your magazine photo or internet copy and make your staircase a reality. if it has been done, we can copy and most probably improve on it.

Most of the bespoke stairs designed by us and drawn by my colleague and friend Carel have never been done again. Design elements and methods of tying thins up are however often re-used.


Pushing the bar on developing new designs and stairs is our passion-

Over the years we have developed the ability to see the concept stair, while simply standing in the space which enables us to give fairly good indications of all the different possibilities and as well as a price estimate.

We use various materials as design elements – glass, timber, mild steel, stainless steel, granite and marble to name but a few.

With us you can be assured that we will take the time to work with you and develop the best stair concept for you and your budget.

We use only the best people in the field to deliver on time and have never had any comebacks.


Stair-Walker stamp 2016
Walk with Stairwalker

Directors of Stairwalker-

Carl W.H. Hoek , Phillip B. Molauli