Staircase – Packages and services:


  • From R2500-00 for a Conceptual staircase drawing.
  • We work with private home owners, developers, builders and architects.
  • If it’s only a concept you desire in order to determine what is possible in the space you have, we are the right people for the job and we deliver!

Staircase - Conceptualization, Final drafts & Project Management
Staircase -Conceptualization,
Final drafts &
Project Management

  • From R4600-00 for a Conceptual Staircase and sign off drawing.
  • This package includes not only the concept but a complete set of drawings with different views of the staircase as well as measurements and details of the materials necessary.

  • From R8500-00 for conceptual staircase, sign off and structural engineer approved production drawings.
  • This package is a full on service package. Here you receive not only everything included in the above two packages, you will also get Stairwalker’s full personal involvement during the installation process of your project.
  • We will develop your vision and-through our many contacts and sources-find the best prices for your materials.Keep in mind that we are also open to suggestions if you have a specific supplier in mind for your requirements.
  • We will source the best prices for your materials, we are also open if you have a specific supplier in mind for some of your goodies.

Why this route:

Simple really-

If you just get a quote, what are you really getting?

Do you know all the technical nitty gritty, do you know the materials – which are so often so poorly specified. Are you sure your staircase will be safe. NHBR and SANS compliant?

  • Don’t make mistakes, we have already made them and learned from them. it’s not worth having the job done twice, ( bad for your health and your pocket )
  • Let us take care of your new favourite spot  to be.
Staircase Artisans, play the same way...
Staircase Artisans, play the same way…