Stairwalker’s- frequently asked questions:

  • What do you guys need in order to give me a quote?
  • Plans- top view and side view so we can see the width, height and volume of space where we need to fit the staircase in.
  • Hand drawings, photos and descriptions can also work.
  • A site visit and plans are always best.
  • If you have a budget in mind , let us know what it is then we will know and can advise if it’s possible for the type of stair that you are interested in.


  • How many drawings will I receive?
  • At first we will only draw a 3d model of the concept and send you the snaps of what we propose. You can then have a look at those and give us feedback.


  • How long does it take to draft the concept?
  • Depending on our workload and the intricacy of the concept, 5 days is usually enough to tie everything up.


  • Why is it important to get a structural engineer to sign off?
  • NO! Be wary though that a 1.5Kn Staircase is not a 5Kn grandstand stair and stairs do have their limitations unless they look like armoured vehicles:)
  • This safeguards you and family in two ways, the structure is safe and you are now not liable of it fails.
  • SANS specifies that a structural engineer has to sign off on all staircases and balustrades.


  • What, in your opinion is the best material to use?
  • There’s no ‘best material”, but we have always found the African Timbers and stainless steel to be very low maintenance and hardy products which always leaves you with a stunning staircase.
  • Materials such as glass and perspex leans themselves to a more contemporary open look than the solid materials.


  •  Why are contemporary stairs so expensive?
  • Our budget rage of stairs which includes wall mounted floating timber stairs, pan floating stairs and some        floating and spiral combination stairs starts from R45 000.


  • Consider the following cost to our business:
  • Drafting, Admin, Electricity, Workshop hire, Vehicles, Tooling requirements, Maintenance, Consumables for your project, Materials cost, Manufacturing cost, Installation cost.
  • We are very competitive within our field and do from time to time and review our pricing structure on a regular basis.
  • We are therefore not only competitive but market leaders giving exceptional service and high quality on every project that we do.


  • How long does it take?
  • Most of the time this less complex one flight stairs would take us between 4 to 6 weeks to complete with balustrade on the double volume section.
  • More complex stairs for example cantilever, helix and shutter systems might take longer to complete.
  • We will however always communicate any changes in the time line to you and we are always available to answer your questions

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