Stairwalker Designs – one step ahead – Evolutionary design, manufacture and installation of World-Class artistic staircases and exquisite balustrades.

Stairwalker Designs

Stairwalker Design’s philosophy is one of service and quality ensuring that our staircases stand out by means of design, being artisans and having passion for what we do gives us that edge.

Dealing with you our client in a professional manner, keeping you informed, making suggestions and sharing all the information at hand  to assist you to make the right call is extremely important to us.

We know that our product will be a  feature in your dwelling, not only a show-piece for us, but peace of mind for you, family and friends.

A Stairwalker Designs Stair, is all you need, and more…

Today a Staircase is a regulated feature with rules by the NHBR and SANS!

Ensuring your safety is also important to us, quality and good workmanship thus takes precedence. We make sure it’s done right.

A Stairwalker staircase is a thing of beauty, a classy feature.

Staircase Design

Staircase design is not a subject at University that you study.

In South Africa it has jumped into the foreground really when the Estates started to show up.

Most of what we have here are either copies, or in our case, innovation, trial and error- the method mostly followed.

The game has changed, SANS (South African National Standard)  has a set of rules and  Staircases have to be signed off by a Structural Engineer. Drafted drawings for manufacturing have to be approved. Inspections have to be done.

Specifications on materials and combinations have to be verified.

Designing staircases has become a science, with great design they are Marvels!


We dream staircases, and through our vast experience have been able to overcome each and every obstacle design related. We know how to hang them from the top, how to support them where they are weak. How to beautify them and make them aesthetically pleasing.